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Danielle Franchi Federico

Danielle Franchi Federico

Executive Director, Grove Manor Estates

Danielle Franchi Federico is the epitome of long term dedication to the A. Franchi Health Care’s commitment to excellence and care. As a young teen, Danielle began her career working through several positions in her family’s nursing homes. After graduation from Boston College, she continued her education and became licensed in Physical Therapy and Nursing Home Administration. Danielle is married and a mother of three. 

“From an early age, my father, Anthony Franchi, always instilled in me a strong work ethic and to take a hands-on approach every day in order to fully understand and appreciate all aspects of community living. My goal is to meet the needs of all residents, as well as staff members, and to fully engage in open communication and dialogue. My office will always be open to accomplish this, and I encourage all opinions and suggestions.”


Brendan Murphy

Director, Marketing

Brendan has many years in the Assisted Living industry, starting his journey here at Grove Manor in 2008 at the age of 16 years old.  Half of his life has been dedicated to senior living, and he has worn many hats in the industry before finding his calling in marketing. He finds it very fulfilling to work for such a great family business and loves every part of his job. He especially enjoys the residents, their families, and their stories. Brendan was born and raised in Braintree MA and currently resides in Rockland MA with his wife. 


“Assisted Living and helping others are all I have ever known. To know that I can help change someone’s life circumstances for the better is the greatest reward I could ask for.”

Shawn Casey

Food Services Director

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