Maintaining an active lifestyle is a key component to staying healthy and happy in retirement. To that end, many engaging activities are available to our residents, regardless of fitness level or ability. Offerings at Grove Manor Estates include:

  • Morning exercise classes (tailored to suit a wide range of physical abilities)

  • Weekly walking group

  • Weekly yoga classes

  • Musical entertainment several times weekly

  • Sunday afternoon concerts

  • Bingo, Scrabble and trivia games several times weekly

  • Movie Nights


Plenty to do


Activity offerings at Grove Manor Estates include: Coffee Socials, weekly manicures, seasonal craft sessions, shopping and restaurant excursions and other fun day trips and transportation to area churches for worship services.


Special Events


Throughout the year, Grove Manor Estates arranges special entertainment for its residents. Past events have included cooking demonstrations; Summer Barbecues; Ice Cream Socials, Big Band Dances; Museum trips and other cultural events, including Boston Ballet and local live theater; Antique Car Shows and the annual Residents Art Show.

PLEASE NOTE:   Due to ongoing changes during the Covid-19 situation and quarantine protocol, activities are being conducted on a one-to-one basis.  Group activities have been curtailed for now.  We will resume Activity Schedules as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.













Grove Manor Estates is a sponsor of The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, based in Chatham MA.   The Conservancy is responsible for research, education, and conservation of great white sharks on the Cape.  


Grove Manor has sponsored a buoy which will be placed along the Cape shoreline with others, marking the locations of acoustic receivers.  When white sharks tagged with an acoustic transmitter swim within 100 yards of one of these receivers, the shark-ID, date, and time are recorded.  Data from these buoys are then downloaded and used to examine white shark local movements, residency, and habitat use in our waters. This information is also accessible to beachgoers via the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s free app, Sharktivity.  Users of the app can view shark detections on receivers, past and real-time ‘pings’ for satellite-tagged white sharks, and the locations of confirmed white shark sightings.


This technology not only provides insights into the ecology of this species, but also generates information that might be used to enhance public safety.” You can visit their web site and download the Sharktivity app here:

We are proud to support the efforts of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy!